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18 August 2011

Toweligator Review

Toweligator is a bendable alligator shaped clap that helps secure your towel. Available in 4 colors, these clamps have strong jaws that will grip anything you clamp them to! Their tails bend and securely hold onto anything they hang on, even the back of your chair!

I used Toweligator tonight to help hold the sheet around my son as I gave him a haircut! He had so much fun looking at it, and trying to play with it, that I had to give him the second one to hold! And guess what? Not only does Toweligator grip great, Toweligator can make awesome noises! Provided that you have the good user! LOL! Check out other ways that you can use Toweligator!

You can find Toweligator directly at their website, or through Amazon. Prices run from $9.99 - $14.95 per pack of two Towligators depending on where you purchase as well as the quantity purchased!

Toweligator, through a partnership with FRN, provided me with a pack of Toweligators to help facilitate this review. No compensation was received!

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