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18 August 2011

Shave in Style! Schick Intution Review and Giveaway! Two winners!

Simply Stylish…Shaving!

Personalize your shave routine with Schick® Intuition Limited Edition handles. These razors allow you to personalize your everyday beauty routine with three hydrating and stylish designs including Pomegranate Extract, Naturals for Sensitive Skin and the Moisturizing Care Pack with Soothing Milk & Honey and Shea Butter.  Schick Intuition is making smooth moves!

Schick® Intuition® is the only razor that lathers, shaves and moisturizes in one easy step. In fact 91% of women consider smooth, shaved legs as part of their year-round beauty routine, so why not make this experience unique to you!  The four-blade enhancement allows for a precise shave and keeps your skin protected from nicks and cuts, while its enhanced skin moisturizing sold eliminates the need for shave gel, soap or body wash. Additionally, its slim design and rubber grip offers comfort and precision while shaving. 


I was super excited to be able to try out this razor! I purposely let the stubble grow in preparation! I was sent the Schick Intuition Renewing Moisture with Pomegranate Extract. First let me say, I'm not a girly girl! My hubby forgets this at times :P  This razor has a very comfortable feel, and I LOVE the scent! The pattern, I could do without! I love the idea of being able to just jump into the shower and not have to lather up before shaving. 

The package came with a refill, as well as a cap and suction cupped razor holder, that is staying up very nicely on my shower wall! 

My first impression while shaving:
The later created by the Skin Conditioning Solid, was perfect! The starting shave, not so perfect! Not sure if this is the normal thing, but it took both pits and one leg to get the solid down enough to get a good close shave. It barely touched the hair at all at first, and I ended up needing to re-shave using my fall back razor.

With that said, by the time I had gotten to my other leg, the solid had worn down enough that the shave was much better. Still not as close as I would like, but much, much better!  I am looking forward to my next shave and hope that it is as close as I prefer!

Overall Impression:
This is an awesome razor, once you work the Skin Conditioning Solid down enough! The scent is light, and very nice. The grip and weight, perfect! It's not heavy or overly bulky, and not so thin that it's hard to hold.I have high hopes that the next shave will be just as close as other leading 4 blade razors!


Schick Intuition Renewing Moisture is available through September! Get it while you can anywhere you find other Shick products!

WIN IT!!!          You can with one of 2 razor starting kits, thanks to the generosity of Schick! Make sure that you follow all directions closely and complete ALL mandatory entries before completing the additional entries! All entries will be checked and confirmed before the winners are announced. Giveaway is open to all US residents.

Information and sample was provided by Lippe - Taylor and Schick. No payment was accepted. My experience is just that, mine. Not all experiences will be the same!

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I apologize for a mistake I made....on the rafflecopter"leaving a comment" -I shared the fb link instead.with you....so I went ahead and left a message on Schick Wall stating that I had entered the contest here...again I am sorry for goofing up