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08 August 2011

MoGro - Investment at it's finest!

Why MoGro?
  • No Brokerage Commissions!
  • No Trades to Place!
  • Invest in 4 easy, simple steps!
  • Start investing with as little as $50
  • Put it on Auto-pilot and watch worry free!

    By partnering with 5 of the country's top  fund managers,
    MoGro Offers you the reliability of a combined 200 years of investment experience!
    Each partner has a proven track record of success, so you can just sit back and relax, knowing your investments are in good hands!

    Every Penny matters, and MoGro can help save them all!
    With as little as $2 a month, MoGro will automatically transfer your money 
    directly into your personalized investment account!

    At MoGro, no question is a stupid one! 
    MoGro will give you as much, or as little service as you want!
    Ask questions, receive answers. You can even browse other's question.
    MoGro is there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

    For your money, your mind, and your info, 
    MoGro makes security top Priority!

    MoGro.com was started by Brad Matthews because over the years of working for major financial firms like JP Morgan, Citi, Bear Stearns, and Barclays, he got tired of not having a good option for his friends and family who came to him with investment questions.  Over and over, he heard statements like “I just don’t know where to start”, “I know I’m supposed to be investing, but who has enough money for $1000 minimums”, and “I just want someone to tell me what to do- make it automatic!”.  We want to prepare for our future and our children’s future, but mortgages, college savings, and retirement funds can be overwhelming.  Not to mention that 59% of American workers don’t have access to 401Ks or other retirement savings plans, through their employer to help them save for their future (think about all the freelancers, part time workers, consultants, and self-employed).  MoGro is here to change all of that. 

    TRY IT!!

    MoGro wants you to give them a try! Every person who signs up in the next 5 days, will be entered to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card! After signing up, simply send an email to  Hello@MoGro.com with "Army Mom's Place" as the subject, the phrase “I want MoGro”, and their name, in order to be eligible for the drawing. 

    This post was written on behalf of MoGro, who supplied me with the information, as well as is reimbursing me for my time.

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