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14 June 2014

The power of LEMON

I've know about essential oils for some time now. They've always ever been just for aromatic effect or for flavor. I've always added them to bath salts, lotion, candies, etc. Little did I know there was a whole other world out there! 
Let me introduce you to lemon! Now I already knew that lemon is a great whitener (especially for cloth diapers), and that it has antibacterial properties. And then the door opened!  It has so many more uses than for cleaning ;-)

06 June 2014

Upcoming Publix Savings!

Look for ways to pair your favorite products with fresh grocery store items. Save on smart-start breakfast pairing, a great dinner combination or a spin on dessert!

28 March 2014

06 March 2014

How are you doing on your New Year Resolutions?

If you are like any other normal American, you made a resolution to get healthy, loose weight, shed inches, etc. I was one of those that made such resolutions. I figured that I would see how everyone was doing reaching their goals!  Well, how goes it?

05 March 2014

Introducing Nature Valley Breakfast Biscuits

If you like Nature Valley, boy do I have a surprise for you!!!   Think about everything you love about granola bars and crackers and combined it into two!!!  Nature Valley Breakfast Biscuits!!