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19 August 2011

Windex Mini Review and Giveaway!

On July 1st, SC Johnson launched the new Windex Mini. A concentrated refill pouch that you simply add water to. It uses 90% less plastic packaging than buying a new bottle of Windex each time you run out! Concentrates use less packaging and help to keep excess plastics out of  landfills.

Studies are showing that consumers would much rather buy new bottles of cleaner each time they need it, rather than buy refills of concentrate. Because of this, stores will not stock cleaners in concentrated form. SC Johnson is looking for what motivates you, a consumer, to consider "trading up" from the conventional cleaning methods to a greener choice.

So here's the test! And I couldn't say it better than Kelly M. Semrau, Sr. VP of Global Corporate Affairs:

"We want to create an open dialogue and get feedback from our consumers once they give Windex Mini concentrated refill pouch a try...We know this global test won't be perfect, but to create real change, we need to hear what consumers want and need, and learn as we go".

The trigger bottle for Windex® Original is already produced with 50% post consumer recycled content. Choosing to refill with a Windex® Mini concentrated refill pouch has an even greater positive impact:
If we can prove with this test that concentrates will sell, and convince retailers to stock them, we can have an even bigger impact. People buy 21 million bottles of Windex® Original each year. If just 20% of those were refilled, each year it could:

SC Johnson is hoping to gain very valuable insight into how consumers are using concentrated cleaning formulas.


Before you go and throw that empty Windex bottle away, visit the Windex Mini site, and place an order. 1 order contains 3 refill packets. Each refill packet makes 1 26oz. bottle of Windex Original. The price: $7.50.

Seems expensive, but think about it this way:

1-26oz. bottle at my local store runs an average of $4.23
3 - refill packets at $7.50 makes each refill (aka 26oz bottle)  $2.50, for a savings of $1.73 on each refill and $5.19 savings all together!!!

It all adds up!!


Take your empty Windex bottle and the Windex Mini Concentrated Refill packet

Carefully a corner of the packet and pour into your bottle

Very slowly add water to your bottle and carefully replace the spray nozzle

That's it! Nice and easy!! No fuss and no fighting traffic to pick another bottle up!! And it work just as good as if you had picked up a new bottle!
WIN IT!!!  SC Johnson is so confident that you will like how simple this is, that they are allowing me to host a giveaway! One lucky US resident that enters in my giveaway, will win their very own Windex Mini Concentrated Refill kit!! 

This giveaway is sponsored by FRN and their partnership with SC Johnson, who provided me with a refill packet to facilitate this review. No compensation has been or will be received!

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