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08 December 2010

Tri-Derma MD Review

It's a fact of life. As we age our skin changes. Most, for the worse. Tri-Derma MD has made a way to help us reduce the pores in our face and help slow the aging. TriDerma MD® Pore Reducing Anti-Age Serum is simple to use, light and non greasy. Not only that, but it helps to absorb and control the excess oil your skin produces!

No fragrance helps assure that it is easy on sensitive skin. I tend to break out with every little thing. Tri-Derma MD was so gentle on my skin, I did not have any reactions at all! YEAH!  

Taking little time out of my daily routine, I simply wash my face as normal, and apply a small amount of Tri Derma MD Pore Reducing Anti-Age Serum. It's pretty neat to see how quickly it kicks in and how long it lasts! No more shiny forehead for me!!!  It also means I can eliminate the oil reducer I was previously using...that barely worked!

Tri Derma MD Pore Reducing Anti-Age Serum is available directly from Triderma MD for $15.99.

This review was written for FRN and TriDermaMD. A product was supplied to me in exchange for my honest opinion.

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