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06 December 2010

Baby it's Cold Outside! SymtomPak Review!

The seasons have changed and the cold has rolled in. Already I've heard "achoo's", sniffles and have felt fevered brows. A moms worse nightmare. The sickies! Most of my house has already had a run in with the ever lurking winter cold.

As a mom, I tend to remember to make sure I have things on had for when the kids are ill. I always make sure I have plenty of tylenol for hubby and I, but find that I always forget that we are subject to the cold as well. When we are hit, we're hit hard. And I never have what I need to alleviate the symptoms. Essential Home OTC's has made having everything I need, easier!

Symptom Pak is ingenious! Everything you need for a cold, flu, or even for allergies! All bundled together in a nice box. With dosing directions in loose leaf, one the bottles, as well as on the box itself (in 2 locations), you will always know how much to take!

Being a Pharmacy Technician, it's my job to know what different medicines are used to treat what. I haven't been behind the counter in over 10 years now, so I am not familiar with the newer medicines out there. HA! Symptom Pak has me covered!!! When you lift the lid of the box (it's also on the outside of the box) you are greeted with a color coded chart (colors correspond with medicine bottles and the color of the actual pills). Dosing instructions can be found there as well as the name of the medicine. You will also find a symptom guide in this chart!

Yes, I know, I'm missing a bottle! The yellow bottle! You see, Hubby was having a terrible, no good, very bad time with his allergies. They were so bad that even with his RX's, his eyes were watering  and his eyes were itching something fierce! He had been through my tool box (yes that's where I keep my meds and a whole other long story!) and didn't find anything that could possibly help him. Little did he know about the package of Symptom Pak that arrived that day!

I showed him the box, and promptly removed the yellow bottle of pills. Within about 30 minutes he was feeling relief! That reminds me...I must ask for that bottle back :P  We love Symptom pak! It's heaven sent for sure!!!!!

Medicines in Symptom Pak are safe for ages 6 and up and can be found at Essential Home OTC's, LLC. as well as a list long of Online and Physical Locations that can be found HERE. Retail Value is around $30. Each individual bottle can be purchased as well for refill purposes for around $12.

This review was written for FRN and SymptomPak who generously provided me with the product in exchange for my honest opinion.

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