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02 March 2010

Tuesday Tells All

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Hi … My name is Jill and I use cloth diapers.  (All repeat “Hi Jill”)  Just kidding okay so Amber found me in blog land (actually her cousin sent me to her!) and found out that I use cloth diapers and kindly asked me if I would do a little write up for all of you Army Mom's Place readers who were interested in cloth diapering.  Sure thing … I love telling people how to do things my way!  ;)  

When I first heard of a friend using cloth diapers, I thought it was kind of gross and hippy-ish!  I just remember my mom doing the dunk and swish thing and couldn't bare the thought.  But then my #3 was allergic to diapers and I had to do TONS of research and realized that cloth diapering has changed big time.  

There is this whole cloth diapering world out there that I never even knew existed.  It is pretty cool.  So after I started actually doing it myself I quickly learned how easy it was.  I saved buckets of money and did a little part in being "green" too.  I loved it and wished I would had known all this stuff way sooner.  ;)  (I seriously wished that one of my older girls would have been allergic so that I would have been "forced" to see how easy it was.) 

There are tons of websites about cloth diapering.  I have been on millions.  If you just Google cloth diapers you will see that there is tons of info.  The information that I will share is all just my opinion and the way that I do things.  And the only claim I have to expert or professional is that my opinion is tried and true.  I have been cloth diapering for about 18 months and feel like I know a little bit about the subject. 
Okay, so, really cloth diapering is no biggie.  I usually tell people that you could try it out for a while and if it just wasn't your thing you could either just keep them in your emergency kits (because what in the world would we do if we didn't have any more diapers and all stores were closed???) or sell them on Craigslist or on those reusable diaper sites that sell used diapers (My favorite) .  The commitment is really not permanent if you don’t want it to be.

I use a one size pocket diaper.  It is a water proof diaper with a slit in the back (a pocket) that you stuff with something to absorb the wet.  Most come with microfiber inserts that you put in.  They go on just like a disposable but with snaps instead of Velcro.  The reason that I like the pocket diaper is because in the wash the insert comes out and I feel they get cleaner being out and washed separately (verses an all in one with no insert).  I like the one size because I don't have to buy diapers again every time they grow and change a size.  I double stuff (put two inserts in) for bedtime diapers because my girl is a heavy wetter at night.  

When I am out and about and change a diaper, I just put them in a gallon size ziploc until I get home.  When I am home I just stack soiled diapers on my dryer until I am ready to wash.  The reason I do this is because I felt like when they were contained in something (like a pail or a bag) the smell all combined and was HORRIFIC when you opened it to either add another one or wash them.  I felt they held that smell too.  I didn't like it.  So I just let them sit in the open on the dryer until I am ready to wash. 

My girl only poops once a day or every other day so I usually wash when she poops.  If I had a more regular pooper I would probably wait and wash every night or so.  I just don't want the smell to linger too long.  ;)  If you are breast feeding, there is no need to worry about extra steps. The poop washes out clean.  When they start eating food (and are solid with texture and raisins ;) ) you can just give them a little flick over the toilet and flush the solid down.  There usually is a little left on the diaper but it comes completely clean without any problems in the wash.  If the poop is really soft (like can't be flicked into the toilet) I just wash it because it’s so thin and it comes completely clean.  

To wash ... I throw the entire diaper into the machine without doing anything to them individually.  Meaning I don’t remove the inserts or treat them.  I only use 1/4 cup of my regular detergent.  If you use more you will get soap buildup in/on the diaper and after a few washes results in really smelly diapers.  I also add borax (laundry booster sold at Wal-Mart/target/most drug stores costs about $2 a box) to every load which also adds in smells and stains.  The borax is KEY!!!  I have had a little staining when I use butt paste but if that happens I wash twice with borax and dry in the sun to bleach.  Works great. 

I dry in the dryer and have NEVER had a problem with fabric wearing out or peeling from the waterproof barrier.  Most cloth diaper makers recommend line drying but I haven't.  One thing is very important though about drying … NEVER use fabric softener ... it repels water and you will end up with lots of wicking and soiled clothes.  

I do make my own wipes but you can buy them online.  I just serge around a couple pieces of flannel the same size as a regular wipe (so that I can store them in old wipe containers) and that’s it.  The reason why I use washable wipes is because if you use a disposable, you have this icky wipe that doesn't get wrapped around anything and you just throw it away and have poop in your trash.  I thought it was gross.  

So it was just easier to run a couple fabric wipes under water and then wrap them up with the diaper and throw them in the wash.  I just carry a small water bottle with me when I am on the go (I actually leave a diaper and water and wipes in the car at all times) and use that to wet them when I don't have access to a sink.  

If you are seriously considering cloth diapering for the first time, you really need spousal support if you are going to do this.  If they think its gross and wouldn't help change a diaper (unless they don't help with disposables either) it would be hard to do on your own.  They need to be on board for sure.  

Some "cons" that people need to consider ... They are a little bulky compared to disposables and you of course have to change more often.  I think I use about 5 to 6 diapers a day.  

Pros ... You are being green.  You are saving TONS of money.  (I figured at least $600 a year) And kids always potty train sooner.  The disposables never let them feel wet so they don't care if they pee all day long but cloth is different.  They aren't sitting in pee but they do feel the wet.   

I have 16 diapers, I leave one in the car and one in my MIL house at all times.  So I regularly use 14.  It seems like a good amount.  If I wash at least every two days I don't ever run out.  

The diaper I use is a Babyland diaper and is actually manufactured and sold from China. 

 I would say that they are comparable to Fuzzi Bunz in design (except they have more snaps in the draw to make them one size) and quality.  I originally bought 5 Fuzzi Bunz and loved them and wanted more but really couldn’t afford to buy many more at $20 a pop.  So I looked into making my own to save some money.  

While looking for the supplies to make my own I was searching eBay and found this company from China that sold cloth diapers cheaper than I could make them.  The pictures all looked like the FBz but were only about $6 a diaper!  I ordered immediately and was so impressed with them.  I even like them better than my FBz and these paid for themselves in about a month. 

And that’s it folks.  That is the way I do it and what I use.  If you have any questions I would love to help out if I can. 

Happy cloth diapering!!!


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SonyaAnn said...

I don't have any in diapers but I wished that I did. My husband on the other hand doesn't feel the same way.
Great post!

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Frugal Vicki said...

I will say they look cute!
I have an award for you on my blog!