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01 March 2010

$25 Kroger GC Winner

Thank you to all that entered!!! 

The generator at Random.org has picked a number.

That number is......



And who is lucky number 27?????

Christine who said:

The storefinder Kroger isn't the store I usually shop at. We'd have to take out a scond ortgage on our home if I did shop there because it is a Super Kroger and has the most fantasmic cheese section. It is in the 24060 zip(it's downtown though and I am not). The Kroger I shop at is a perfectly nice one though without all the bells an whistles of the Super Kroger. It is in 24073 zip. Sigh, I love that cheese section.


PS Boxtops is a great program. love that I can contribute tomy community by buying items I already need and use.

Email has been sent! Christine, you now have 24 hours to respond!!

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