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25 March 2010

Sing-A-Lingo Review

Making life musical, Sing-A-Lingo is teaching kids ages 2-6 Spanish through song.

The folks at Sing-A-Lingo have come up with an innovated way to teach kids Spanish. Mixing normal everyday words (in Spanish) and music, kids learn in a fun and exciting way! Where was this when I was in High School Spanish class?!

"En Mi Casa" features 14 original songs, and 3 traditional songs. One of which was one of my favorites growing up, "Mr. Sun". We put these 17 songs to the test last week. 

During our spring break, I took my kids, on a trip to UT. On the way there we passed through 6 states, on the way home, 5 states! Long time in the car = perfect chance to see how much they could learn! Ages ranged from 10 1/2 to 8 1/2 months. Of course the baby couldn't participate in my little experiment! However, I had 5 other children in the car that could!! They didn't do too bad!

By the end of our trip, the kids were singing along with most of the songs! My only wish is that Sing-A-Lingo would add the English version of the songs either before or after the Spanish version. My honest opinion, is that in doing so, this would help children learn, not just the song, but the meaning of the words that they are singing even faster. 

Sing-A-Lingo offers more than just music. They have books, flash cards, sticky notes, as well as actual classes for those in the Medford, MA area, to help you in your efforts to learn, and or teach your children Spanish!

You can find this CD at Sing-A-Lingo for  $14.99!


This post was written as part of a program for Family Review Network and Sing-A-Lingo,
who provided the CD for this review.


Michelle said...

That is awesome. My kids learned the catechism because it was set to music.

Michelle said...

That is awesome. My kids learned the catechism because it was set to music.