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25 March 2010

I.V. Thursday!

There's sort of a stigma attached to cloth diapering. It seems like people who use cloth diapers are tree hugging hippies who buy all their food organic and generally make a nuisance of themselves being otherwise "green". You know who I'm talking about, the ones who make you feel guilty for enjoying the comfortable life style that modern technology makes possible. I am NOT one of those people. I enjoy the disposable life style very much. But I can't deny the appeal of cloth diapering. 
When my daughter was born, I was living on the other side of the country from all my family and my sister sent me some cloth diapers. I thought I'd give it a try, since she had bothered to send it. I never did quite get the hang of putting the diaper on right (it was the kind that used pins) and I couldn't figure out how to make it not leak. I only had them on my daughter for an hour and I was done. And yet  I have several friends who use cloth diapers (and a sister) who have no problems at all. Some of the benefits are very nice, for instance, after the initial investment, there is very little cost associated with them, (Just the cost of laundering them.) usually there is less incidence of diaper rash and (the tree hugging hippie part) you can feel like you are doing something good for the Earth by not filling landfills with diapers. Because of those friends who have succeeded where I have failed I now vow, when my next is born, to try cloth again, only with a brand new top of the line cloth diaper. And if my commitment lasts no longer then an hour, I will not be ashamed, I will stand next to disposable until the end. 

Disposable Diaper Mom. 


Anonymous said...

I love how frank this Disposible Diaper Mom is!!

Amber - I hope you continue featuring cloth diapering on your blog - I have learned so much and have sorta made a decision what I want to use on my future child(ren). I do not have kids yet, but I hope that by opening my eyes to the cloth diaper world now, it will save me from lots of hassle when I am finally pregnant (which we hope to start trying in the next 2 years!!).

Brianna Renee said...

I'm in the same boat...seriously considering cloth diapers for the next one but not sure where to begin as I only have 1 friend and no family who currently use cloth