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25 March 2010

Fabulous Friday! Dove for Men!

The guys have totally been neglected during this month's event, so here is a review and giveaway just for the guys!!!  

For the last 2 weeks, in our home we have had Dove Men + Care Body and Face Wash, Body and Face Bar, and a Dove Shower Tool to review.  The reviewer, none other than my own hubby ;)     Enjoy!!!

I think pretty much like most guys when it comes to getting clean in the shower.  Soap is soap.  To think much more on the subject is rather fruity.  My wife is well aware of my propensity to not care about the sudsy stuff I clean myself as long as it's easy to use, doesn't smell like one of her potpourri candles/pots, and rinses handily down the drain.  So I was kind of surprised when she asked me to review the new Dove Men+ Care products with Micromoisture(TM) technology.  I mean, it's soap.  The fact that it's billed to be for men who are comfortable with themselves, but not in their skin, just further serves to make me feel light in my loafers as I contemplate how I'm going to tackle this project. Unsung man moments or not, my wife sure is lucky I'm sweet on her.

I received a bottle of shower gel, and a bar of soap (both "Clean Comfort" scented) and the "shower tool."  Off to the daily shower I trudged for two weeks after good Army workouts to try the stuff out.  While it smells kind of metro, it's not like your average soap.  

The water at my house is hard.  Really hard.  Like the-stuff-precipitates-out-so-thickly-that-the-hot-water-pressure-in-on-of-our-showers-is-reduced-to-a-dribble hard.  You need to use a lot of regular soap, and it just doesn't rinse off that well.  The lather from both the Dove Men+ Care gel and bar, however, rinsed of cleanly and easily, and my skin felt like I had installed a water softener.  Daddy like.

The shower tool (yes, they really call it that) is reminiscent of the Axe body wash sponge, packing the same features, just a different shape and color scheme.  Not that I'm expecting much innovation in the world of body sponges, nor am I a regular user of such (real men use bar soap, in my opinion).  It does the job of scrubbing off the general grime of being a  guy fairly well, though, and mine was free ;P.

Overall, I'd probably buy this stuff.  It meets all my man standards (mandards?) for soap, and actually does leave you skin feeling pretty good.

BUY IT!!!  You can find these great Dove products anywhere Dove is sold! Ranging in price, the suggested retail is $3.19-$7.49.

WIN IT!!! One of you lucky readers will win a Men + Care Body and Face Wash along and a Body and Face Bar for yourself, or for the guy in your life! All you have to do is visit the Dove site, come back and tell me one thing that you have learned about the Men + Care! Don't forget to leave your email address or your entry will not count!

Giveaway will end March 30th and a winner will post around noon on March 31st! Open to US residents only.

Good Luck!!!

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This post was written for Family Review Network as part of a program for Dove Men + Care , who supplied the Body Wash and Soap for review.