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31 December 2009

Looking back through 2009

The year started off with what I though was semi-huge and pregnant and announcing our pregnancy here!

I did a post to fill in everyone from the day I found out (which happened to be Halloween) and growth pictures. You know, the whole nine yards!

I made my girls Easter dresses. I figured that I would be safe doing them. My energy level was high. I soon found, that I didn't have patience for sitting that long while being kicked in the gut! I procrastinated, and finished a few days before Easter!

My Hubby Re-enlisted indefinitely.

Not only did we find out we would be having our first son, but we got to see him several times!

We took the girls fishing, for the first time!

Hubby was promoted!  :D

Our son was born. We spent a few days in the hospital only to have to go back the following day. The phone call about billi levels was the worst call I have ever gotten to date. It was the LONGEST 2 days ever. I would not wish that on anyone. The only thing that got me through it was that hubby and the kiddo's spent all the time that they could with us in our little room on the Peds floor.

This year my youngest daughter became friend with Squeeky!To date, Squeeky still lives here in our home!

Our Kitchen remodel was started! And is to date, still going. Grrrrrrrrr!

at the end of that post, you will find the label "kitchen redo". If you click it, you can track the progress!

This year has had ups and downs. Mostly ups! We are so very thankful for all that happened. It has helped us grow and become closer to God and closer as a family.  With our sincerest love, we wish you a very happy new year! We hope and pray that you and yours will be blessed!

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Corrie Howe said...

Happy New Year. I was glad to meet Squeeky. Congrats on all the promotions, baby boy, remodeling, etc.