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18 April 2009

First Fishing Trip of the Season

It was also the first time we have ever taken the girls! They had a blast for the most part. Trice didn't want to catch any real fish so we let her just use her weighted practice piece. Zada has a hard time with coordination, so she just practice this time as well. Emma has a fake fish for her rod and has SO much fun using that! She would mimic anything and everything Rich and I would do! Man can she cast!!!! She kept telling me, " I like fishing with you because your my mommy"! Katie was given a real hook. She had fun trying. We are going to try to go out again, maybe this weekend. I only took these pictures. Was having to re-bate, undo rats nests (Zada really knew how to get them), and re-cast constantly. It was all fun though!!!!

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The Old Buffington's said...

Those are so cute. Looks like they all had a good time.