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23 June 2009

Our theme!!!

I realized last night when I was on the phone that I had not posted these here. Background story:
We had 2 convertible beds. 1 light wood (Trice's), and one dark wood - almost a cherry color (Emma's). I absolutely LOVE the dark crib, so I decided that that was what I wanted to use for Regin. The light colored wood is nice, but the rest of the house is in dark wood. And since Trice no longer was using it, because she claims it was for babies regardless of the fact that it also transitions for a full sized bed, she no longer wanted to use it. So, it was put up.
I had heard about a few consignment shops in the area and on a whim went walking around one to waste some time and get an idea of what they had. They had a big sign on the door that read "Cribs NEEDED". They had no cribs what-so-ever left in the shop. They can't keep them very long at all in there. After walking around and eying some pretty nifty things, I told them that I had a crib that I no longer needed and asked if they gave store credit. They do!
Rich had had staff duty all night the night before, so the plan was, after I picked the older girls up from school, that I would run home, grab Rich and show him what I had found. Longer story short, I ended up just dropping the girls off, gathering up all the crib pieces and took it to the shop.
I got it all set up so they could see all the pieces were there and stuck the transitional pieces inside of the crib. There were different ladies in there at this time, so I asked again if they could do store credit. The lady agreed and asked if I had my eyes set on anything. Everything but one thing had been bought in that short amount of time that I had seen.
There was the cutest bedding set that I had seen and they wanted $60 for it. I thought it was just the Comforter, crib skirt, bumper and sheet. Still, not a bad deal since brand new it would go for almost $100. I had mentioned that I really liked that set and was told that she was only planning on giving me $60 for the crib.
SWEET! A nice even trade right?! Little did I know!!!! This is what I ended up with!


Sheet, Stat Pillow, and backside of Bumper:

Wall hangings:


I am very pleased!!!!!

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Letti said...

That was a great deal. Way to go!