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16 June 2009

36 weeks 3 days

Apt went great. Found out that I am GBS+, but we figured I would be anyways due to GBS being the culprit of my last UTI. They are waiting back for my sensitivity tests right now. They should have that back tomorrow. I'm allergic to a few antibiotics, so they need to figure out what they can give to me.

BP looked good, Regin was a big stinker. He kept twisting away from the Doppler. He was being squished at the time, so I don't blame him! His HR was 156, so nice and healthy for the little wiggler!

She checked me. I am 2+ cm's right now and a little more than 50%. She told me that if anything seems rhythmic at all, even if it is just pressure, to get my butt in. The worst that she can do is send me home, but she wants to play safe rather than sorry!

Oh!!! And no matter what, I will have to have an IV for antibiotics. I wanted to stay away from having an IV if possible :( She's going to make sure that it's a heplock. But, as long as they have been in my system for 2 hours....I only have to stay 1 night! I think I can handle that!!!

I'll add a picture later. I need to eat something.


Letti said...

Wow you are so close. That a bummer about the iv but better to be safe than sorry.

Cloudkicker said...

I had to have an IV with Jaydin too. But for me it was a matter of either I have it or my newborn baby has an IV. I picked me. At least things are starting to progress. Maybe you won't have too much longer. That would be nice. :)