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23 June 2009

And the fun begins!!!

Had my apt. today. Ended up pacing the waiting room because I started getting raunchy ctrx. Doc checked me (about 45 minutes after ctrx started) and no change from last week. I'm alright with that. She said she was very surprised to see me back and that she could tell I was very uncomfortable, so she doesn't expect to see me next week.

I found this awesome timer online, though it doesn't work on my phone, I can still print out what it stores. Right now I am anywhere from 1 1/2 - 4 minutes apart.

I think Rich is planning on coming home early, unless I call him he will be here sooner than that. Please send all the vibes you can...I'm ready for this little guy to be here already!


Letti said...

Sending lots of labor dust your way. I hope he makes an entrance soon.

Mom's Place said...

Stalling Sucks!!!