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25 October 2008

Fall Festivals 2008

The first Fall festival we went to wasn't a dress up one. It was pretty boring so we let the kids play on the play ground for a while.

The second one we went to was a lot of fun for the kids. They had a costume contest, a parade and then several different booths!

This was before Katie turned her dress part around the correct way! She is required to be a witch for the 3rd grade Halloween program. We had fun making her broom!

Zada is the female version of the mouse at the "Mad Hatters Tea Party", you know, from Alice in Wonderland! This isn't the complete outfit either.

Trice is a Ballerina. She posed herself for these!

And Emma is a fairy!

I'm a witch (riding her wand)!

This is Trice's friend Summer with Summer's little sister! They are in the same class together. They were just too cute!!!

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