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16 April 2008

Look what we found last week!

While standing in my bedroom looking out my window, I saw what appeared to be something snake like. I thought it weird and went to investigate. As I drew near I was intrigued by the beautiful color. It most definitely was not a snake! It was a lizard. After hours of searching around the net I found that it was a Texas Spiny Lizard.

Here is a little info on it, taken from wikipedia:

"Texas spiny lizards are 7.5-11 inches in length, and are typically grey in color with black, white, or red-brown blotching down the back. Patterns vary greatly by locality, but the colors and pattern typically serve to be adequate camouflage against the bark of trees in its chosen habitat. The underside is usually uniformly light grey in color, but males typically have blue patches on either side of their belly. Their scales have a distinctly spiny texture to them. They have long toes, and sharp claws suited to climbing. Due to their spiny appearance, they are sometimes mistaken for horned lizards.
The Texas Spiny Lizard is diurnal and arboreal. Their preferred habitat is mesquite trees, over areas with a significant amount of ground leaf litter, but they are often found in suburban areas basking on fences or climbing telephone poles. Typically shy and nervous, when approached they will usually retreat up a tree or flee noisily through leaf litter on the ground. They are insectivorous, and eat a variety of beetles and other insects. Breeding occurs throughout the spring and summer months, and clutches of eggs can be laid as many as four times a year."

I was telling a friend of mine about this new "friend" of ours and she said to stick some sort of fruit out. If anything it will attract bugs for it to eat. So I stuck some banana.

Here is what I found about 30 minutes later:

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