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25 April 2008

Well, we are heading back to surgery

Wednesday morning Emma woke up from her nap yesterday screaming and crying and pulling at her ears. Normally she will let me look with my otoscope, with no problems. Not the case.

It looks like she has fluid behind one drum, and her other one is beat red with her tube almost out. So I have no idea if it is from the tube or if it is infected. Could be both even. So I called yesterday to make an appointment. No such luck! I was told to call back at 7am this morning. Still no available appointments. Luckily she is being sent off base to get it taken care of.

This is a good and bad thing. Good that the tubes have lasted over 18 months. Bad because this means that we will be doing surgery again, very soon. I know it is a very quick procedure, I just don't know that I am ready for her to do it already again. This will be the 4th surgery (counting Rich's) since I found out that I was pregnant with her. And many more to come.

So, I took Emma to ENT.

I was right about the fluid behind the one side. He says by the looks of it, it is thick. The tube on that side looks like it started working it's way out and the drum started growing around it to close the hole. He won't know until he goes in what damage if any has been done, and what exactly is going on with it.

The side I knew was half out, it's now all the way out and stuck on some wax. It will either work itself out, or he will take it out next time we see him. He didn't want to frustrate her.

So yes, she will be going through surgery again. They will be calling me, hopefully tomorrow with a date and time. He would normally do it in his office, as he has the facility to do it. However, due to the PRS, the anesthesiologist might be nervous about the whole thing, and since she has PRS, airway issues will always be a concern when she is under, we will be going across the street to the hospital OR.

Amazingly she did very well. He told her that she has blue butterflies in her ears right now and she got all excited. She is always (with the exception of yesterday) very cooperative when it comes to playing peek-a-boo with her ears, so she did great! He took a look at her palate to see how the progress of that was (turns out he is part of the cleft team!) she even cooperated with that, which she never does!!!

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