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10 April 2008


We had MAJOR storms last night. All 6 of us packed into our downstairs hall bathroom for almost an hour while the NOAA alert radio kept going off and the tornado sirens blared. The sounds we heard, I think were the scariest ever.

As of this morning they are looking into 6 possible tornado touchdowns in our city. One, literally around the corner from me. We have no damage here, thank goodness, but many of our neighbors aren't as lucky. The guy across the street has an uprooted tree and will have to replace his roof and possible part of the corned of the house that the tree fell into. The tree is still there and he has not seen it at all. They just moved and decided to buy another place and rent the one by us out.

Down the street, a boat disappeared, but the owners found it. Around the corner, a tree crushed a fence and landed on a van. A street sign is completely out of the ground over there. Rich was told by a guy at work, that he lost a fence and their trampoline is no where to be found.

I had to go out and about today and a lot of lights are still out at intersection and I know of one rail road guard that is twisted around it's support pole.

I'm glad that the city has gotten around extremely fast to get things operational.

Trice and her friend Morgan have done nothing but talk about tornado's today and our safe spots. Trice decided that they are very bad and not her friend!

Here is a pic. I was on my way home from picking kids up from school. Not good, but the best I could get with my phone and while driving!

My neighbor is an insurance adjuster. He showed us pics of some of the damage! A 3 story house was left with only the mail level!

Here are other pictures from that nasty event:

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