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14 June 2014

The power of LEMON

I've know about essential oils for some time now. They've always ever been just for aromatic effect or for flavor. I've always added them to bath salts, lotion, candies, etc. Little did I know there was a whole other world out there! 
Let me introduce you to lemon! Now I already knew that lemon is a great whitener (especially for cloth diapers), and that it has antibacterial properties. And then the door opened!  It has so many more uses than for cleaning ;-)


Not only does lemon smell absolutely amazing, fresh, and clean, lemon in a natural antioxidant, detoxifier, and mood enhancer! And seriously, who would have thought that lemon, can reduce stress, or even calm upset tummies?

I have been told that adding lemon to a glass (a glass, glass - I'll get to that in a second) of water first thing in the morning, is a great way to flush toxins from the liver. I've heard how it is amazing at breaking up kidney stones, and how it has anti-cancer properties. 

I have to admit. The first time I heard all of these miraculous things that lemon could do, I thought it was a little far fetched, but really cool if it could actually do all that I'm hearing.

Recently, I was hooked up with a video.

Someone had dropped some lemon oil into a styrofoam cup.  My jaw dropped!  I couldn't help but think if it could do that, there is no way that everything that I have been hearing is wrong.

Tonight, I decided to test the whole styrofoam vs. lemon oil out myself. Not because I didn't believe it, but because I wanted to do it myself, and see how long it actually takes (you know, because videos can be edited and doctored - not that that one was, or anything).  After all, we had taken advantage of Sonic's happy hour today. Why should we let a perfect science test go to waste??

This is 1 single, small drop, of doTERRA's Lemon oil! One measly little drop, over 30 minutes!

I truly believe that lemon oil can do amazing things!  Watching that tiny drop, instantaneously start bubbling, as it ate away at the styrofoam, was crazy! I wish I could have gotten a better shot of the depth from the first 5 minutes! It's was awesome! Interested in giving lemon a try? Click HERE.
After this experiment, there is no way that I will not be adding lemon into my morning regimen! Want to learn more lemon awesomeness??   Check this out!! (Please click picture to enlarge.)

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