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06 March 2014

How are you doing on your New Year Resolutions?

If you are like any other normal American, you made a resolution to get healthy, loose weight, shed inches, etc. I was one of those that made such resolutions. I figured that I would see how everyone was doing reaching their goals!  Well, how goes it?

I have been doing alright with it. Not too bad, actually. Best part, I'm having a lot of fun with it!! When we got home from a wedding in January, I decided to start back up on my treadmill and use my balance ball, resistance bands, and a DVD. It is one that I really like, but wasn't seeing any results at all. If anything, I was seeing my weight go up!! That was annoying! I still stuck with it until last month.

February 15th, I started a program called 21 Day Fix. This program teaches you portion control, makes you eat the amount from each food group, that you should be eating! It also sets you up with multiple 30 minute workouts. YES! Only 30 minutes!! Perfect for busy moms, right?! 

I have to tell you. I thought I was doing alright with that! I LOVE my fruits and veggies (raw please), and meats I get in what I thought I needed! Since starting 21 Day Fix, I have learned a few things :
  1. I eat WAY less fruits and veggies than I should (hey!!! I LOVE the stuff - what the heck?!)
  2. I LOVE carbs WAY too much!!
  3. Protein. Oh my goodness. I was focusing on protein, but only first thing in the morning, and minimally at dinner. I wasn't getting A) enough throughout the day    -AND-      B) I wasn't spreading it throughout the day. Basically think sugar crash, but with protein. It made me incredibly tiered all the time, and no one, including my doctor could figure it out. We figured that it was attributed to my horrible allergies (which some of it is).
  4. Even though I was drinking enough fluids, it was too much of the wrong kinds of fluids, and not enough of the right!
So Sunday I will hit my 21st day! Yay!!! Let me tell you, the results are crazy! In a good way! Without giving you numbers, I will tell you I have seen the following results already (I was bad and measured and weighed a week before my last day):
  • Increased energy - I noticed this the very first day!
  • I've lost almost 10 pounds.
  • I've lost an inch off of my waist, hips, and thighs!!
  • I can snack often - as long as it is healthy!
  • I don't crave sweets or sodas. Which is crazy considering where this program landed as far as cycles go!!
Want to know more??  Check out the program HERE

I have to tell you  about a great protein mix too. I've tried a lot. They all have to be chugged and leave this nasty after taste in you mouth. Just chugging the thick blah would cause me to want to heave. The stuff I have been using is called Shakeology. It comes in all sorts of flavors, though I have only tried chocolate. I'll be branching out soon as my next shipment comes though :)

I use Shakeology as a recovery aid. It's packed with TONS of fruits, veggies, and protein! I use my blender because I like to make it into a shake, unless it's a day like today. Today is cold, rainy, and all around bitter outside. I mixed my Shakeology with some hot herbal tea (my favorite one), and used my shaker cup!  I haven't had a single problem with nasty after tastes. I can have it hot or cold, mix it with just about anything, and it's absolutely delicious! 

Shakeology is certified, low on the glycemic index. So, those watching their blood sugars, this is safe!  No stimulants have been added! Best of all, I can say everything that is listed in the ingredients, well, except for some of the scientific names of all the fruits and veggies! LOL! 

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