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12 August 2014

Immaculate Baking - It's Time To Bake Well!

Immaculate Baking has launched a new line of dry baking mixes with the same promises and non-GMO commitment since its refrigerated cookie origins: Using only wholesome, simple, delicious ingredients, and offering baking options ranging from all natural, organic and gluten free!

I've recently been able to try a couple of Immaculate Baking's new line. Their brownies, and the double chocolate cookies! Reviews are delicious, delightful, and in one case, hilarious! I'll tell you why!
Immaculate Baking brownie mix. Very simple.  I did not do what we normally do with baking mixes and add unsweetened (homemade) applesauce, in place of the oil. I wanted to test this mix exactly they way the box outlines.
Eggs and oil were the only things added to the mix. The dry mix, combined perfectly with the wet ingredients. It wasn't super thick, and it wasn't thin. The mix combined perfectly!  I was actually quite surprised, as we have had mixes go both ways.
We baked as instructed on the box.
The brownies came out smelling absolutely delicious!  They ever so slightly pulled away from the sides of the pan. I was a little worried about it sticking with so little movement.
The brownies cut and removed nicely, with no sticking. They were the BEST dry brownie mix that we have ever tried!!
A few days later, my daughter had a hankering to make the double chocolate cookies. Results were tasty, yet absolutely hilarious! 
All ingredients were measured accurately. Oven pre-heated, pan cared for as instructed. All directions followed to the "T".  NOTE: We did not cook for the full amount of time listed. We pulled the pan out almost 5 minutes early.

The result:
She found it too funny and had to post a "Nailed It" photo to her friends. She was kind enough to take out the brand name.
Though the cookies were a flop, and extremely crumby. They made a great topping for mud pie (completely forgot to take a picture of that).  We're planning on trying that mix again in the future. Maybe switching out the metal pan for stoneware will make a difference.
The best part of these mixes? The company isn't lying about having only wholesome and simple ingredients. Check this out! It's from the side of the brownie box!!

Look for new Immaculate Baking Dry Baking Mixes in the baking aisle! Now available at Target!  If you test out the Double Chocolate Cookie mix...please, let me know how your batch turns out!

" The information and prize pack have been provided by Immaculate Baking through Platefull Co-Op"

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