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13 June 2012

High Performance Fitness Review

Providing high quality, safe, and effective supplements since 2001, High Performance Fitness, Inc. is the top of the line choice for athletes across the U.S. Recently, I put them to the test!

From the 1st Step Pro-Wellness line, I was sent:

First impression....LOVE the line!!   I have tried many liquid vitamins before. I prefer liquid, as it's not a HUGE pill to swallow, and because your body can more easily absorb the nutrients more effectively! With that said, in the past, I have had a hard time getting up the courage to drink the stuff...they have always had a pungent odor, taste horrid, and had an even worse after taste.   

I was pleasantly surprised to find that Active Women's Complete Mulitvitamin/Multimineral liquid was very different. It has very little scent, and what there is, is fruity. The taste, sweet and likable! After taste, very, very little....no nasty vitamin-y taste at all!!   

Liquid Vitamin B12 complex was easy to chug! No after taste that lingered, and much easier on me (in the no pills to chug aspect)! Because your body absorbs liquids quicker and more efficiently, the effects kicked in fast! The energy boost was awesome and last much longer than the typical energy boosters on the market!

Next on my list is the Weigh Protein. I would LOVE to try that! I'll have to scoot on over to Walgreens and take a peek around!  1st Step Pro-Wellness is also available straight from their website!  Make sure while you visit the site that you print off a $2 coupon located in the Promotional Offers!

This review was written on behalf of 1st Step Pro-Wellness through a partnership with  FRN. Samples were supplied to help me better review the products!

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