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23 August 2011

Pictures for Grandma's!

Our Family Day at YTC!
This is what Yakima looks like....just plop down some Joshua Tree's and it's like home!

 I really wish someone had gotten a picture of it, but when we drove up in our bus, after over 5 hours on the road, all the soldiers with families coming to visit, were standing at attention lining the flight line waiting for us! They even had the strykers lined up on both sides as well!
Here are the strykers all lined up...where the two driving are way out there, that's the direction we arrived in!

Regin was SO excited to see his daddy and all the strykers!

Exploring and riding in a Stryker, is SO much fun!!! We all wore protective head gear, and the kids all enjoyed talking to the driver and gunner. Emma sang Veggie Tale songs to them :)


I have another picture of Regin that hubby took on their Stryker ride...I'll post that when I get a copy of it for Grandma's!

The kids all shot blanks using the same kind of rifle that daddy shoots...only they got blanks!
Regin enjoyed it, but he was more interested in cleaning up all the brass that went shooting out the side. Emma giggles every time she shot. Trice was alright with it, but not overly excited. Zada liked it, and you can tell how KateLynn enjoyed it! I think the boys are going to have to watch out for her!

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