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19 August 2011

Pictures and a story for grandma!

Tuesday a friend and I took our kids up to Rainier National Park! We went up to what is called Paradise! And oh, was it Paradise!!

Up at Paradise, There is still snow on the ground, there's meadows full of flowers, and wildlife all over! We saw many birds and a Black Tailed Deer! She was a GOOD size!!  Surprisingly, for a weekday, it was very busy there...but not so much that we couldn't enjoy our surroundings!

Regin stayed in the kid pack on my back and didn't complain until the very end. He seemed to enjoy seeing everything from up high. However, he wanted to keep moving! And would shift his weight to get me to keep moving. On a down slope right after we turned around to take a different trail (the one we were thinking about was a pretty steep grade, and packed with snow, we didn't think it was very safe), he shifted his weight forward just as I went to take a step down. He caught me off guard and cause me to loose my footing. Luckily, I was able to catch myself and ended up on one knee! I have a gnarly bruise now!

Here's some pics of the day. We're planning to go back when the hubby is here, so that he can join us! I think I'll plan to take one of my tripods next time and get a family picture!!

Flowers and Scenery:

Glacier Lily...they only come out as the snow pack is melting!


We found a lot of these little weeping areas!


A random un-named waterfall that was along a trail.

Myrtle Falls



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Adriane said...

Looks beautiful! It is on our list of places to go!