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06 June 2011

Aqueduck Review

Aqueduck has got to be the best family product I have had the pleasure of reviewing, to date! Finally, someone has done something smart for the bathroom! Aqueduck helps to extend your faucet so that your little ones can reach the water! No longer do I have to struggle with picking my son up so that he can reach faucets, while trying to ensure that his hands are properly washed!

Even while out and about, Aqueduck is convenient, portable, and will fit in any purse or diaper bag.

Simply attach Aqueduck to any faucet, and you're set! My almost 2 year old LOVES this! As with any toddler, water is fascinating! Making this time, the perfect time to teach proper hand washing! What's better? Aqueduck makes washing hands fun! All my kids fight over who's going to use the sink next! Yes, even my almost 12 year old!

Aqueduck is available in some local stores. To find a store closest to you click HERE. Aquaduck is also available to order through Amazon!  Averaging around $13.00, the Aquaduck Carrying Case can also be purchased for around $4.

Thanks Aquaduck!!!

This review was written through FRN for Aquaduck who supplied a Aquaduck to aid in this review.

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