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27 January 2011

Punflay iPhone/iPad Apps for Kids Review

So I've recently joined the technology group of people who own iPods! LOL! I've had mine for about a year. It's nothing fancy. I just wanted to be able to hold music on it and it work! My hubby, the technology guru, on the other hand has an iTouch. He bought his after I had mine about 3 months or so. I thought he was silly. Seriously! I did! Yeah, I was wrong! I was the silly one! I'm now wishing that I had an iTouch!

MINE!                                                                                      HIS!

I find myself taking his iTouch all the time. He has found some awesome aps! He even has a few for the kids. So when the opportunity was presented to test out Punflay Aps, I jumped......without consulting the hubby first :S.  He was a little leery of checking out something from a not-known-to-him Ap company. Now, I can't get him away from it!

Sunday, during church, I caught him playing one of Punflay's Aps.  *Snicker*   called, Bounce-It. Bouncer is this little orange, cute as heck, martian who has crashed on earth. Looking for a way back home, you must help him bounce back into space using his elastic string! Such an addicting game. You would think, "Ha! Piece of cake!" Wrong! It's so hard to maneuver him just right to the string! His bounces vary, creating a different challenge each time you play! Bounce-It costs 99 cents and can be found on iTunes, in the Ap section!

We also have had the opportunity to check out an awesome beginning math Ap for kids! Number Sense is geared for kids ages 4-8. Focusing on early math skills such as counting, adding and subtracting, this Ap has been a welcome addition for our children! My 4 1/2 year old, who will start Kindergarten next fall, loves Number Sense and sits and plays for hours. She has even managed to kill the battery doing this! Number Sense is now available on iTunes, and will cost you, $1.99. 

This review was written for Punflay through a partnership with FRN. Aps were supplied to help aide in reviewing Punflay products. All opinions, are mine alone.

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