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18 January 2011

Dapper Snapper Review

All 5 of my kids have the beautiful blessing of skinniness instead of their mother's severe rolly polliness during childhood! This brings a challenge to the world of clothing! Something we call "Saggy Butt"!

Belts are awesome...when they are big enough to actually wear them! But how in the world are you supposed to keep pants up on their skinny little butts when everything labeled one size fits so differently? I can honestly not tell you how many time I have taken a safety pin, a strand of ribbon, a Twix-It clip, or even a shoelace to their backside to keep them from loosing their britches!

Dapper Snappers, is an innovated, genius, mom inspired product! Guaranteed to keep those droopy drawers up!  What I love most about Dapper Snappers, is the fact that you don't have to worry about all those hand-me-downs, that are slightly/moderately stretched out. Dapper Snappers work on them all! Sizes are Toddler (9 months to 6 years) and One Size (for older kiddos).

Don't have kiddos yet?? Expecting, not a problem! Dapper Snappers has a solution for you too! While pregnant, I hated that in between stage of being too small to fit into maternity clothing, but to big to fit into normal every day, everyone's wearing it clothing! Dapper Snappers, has a special Maternity line made to help you stay in your pre-pregnancy pants longer!

Be sure to check out Dapper Snappers for their other products, like Mitten Clips!

This review was written for FRN. Dapper Snappers did send me a product to help facilitate this review.

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