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05 October 2010

Need some help!

When I lived in GA I worked with girls that were between the ages of 12 and 18. I love my girls! Their parents are awesome!!! One of my girls has entered her parents into a kitchen makeover. They really need this makeover!

In the picture submitted, you can see plywood on the floor under and around their fridge. Turns out the fridge fell into the floor. This poor kitchen needs help, your help.

Please click HERE. Register. You will receive 2 emails. 1 will be an email confirmation (to make sure your email is legit) and the next will be your reminder email. It will also inform you that you can vote once per day. Once you have done that you are ready to vote!!

You can view by watching the slide show. There is also a gallery view. Or you can search by my fave mode! Search!! I type in "OUTDATED". Many pop up so look for the one with the following information!!

Title:  Outdated!!

First Name:  Rebecca
City:  augusta
State:  GA
Postal 30906

Here's why Rebecca would like to see her parents win this amazing makeover!

Why should you win?:  Have you ever seen a more out-dated kitchen?? As if that's not reason enough to win, my folks deserve something nice. I'm entering for my parents. They've been working on redoing their kitchen for years now, but unfortunately next to nothing has been able to be done. I would really love to be able to win this for my parents, so vote for this kitchen, please!

Let's help my dear sweet friend Becca give her parents the kitchen of their dreams!!!

1 comment:

Rachel said...

Thanks so much for doing this!! We appreciate you getting the word out :)