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26 April 2010

Waldmania Review and Giveaway

Based out of San Fransisco, Waldmania! provides each of their clients with special one on one attention. From symphonies, children's music, books, videos, and more, Waldmania! has the best interests of their clients at heart. 

I recently had the privilege to preview 3 amazing children's music CD's. Each different in style. Each exciting!

Joanie Leeds and the Nightlights have come up with such a fun CD! I'm a Rock Star. Geared toward children ages 2-9, makes wanting to be a rock star fun! Singing about how she plays a guitar makes her a rock star, she incorporates her audience to be rock stars with her! A musical version of "Joanie Says" had my kids spinning around, jumping, shaking their hips, and giggling like crazy!
My 4 year old really likes "Cowbell". She tells me that it is "very catchy"! She also claims it "makes her a cheerleader". Cowbell, is a hip-hop styled song. A seriously fun song!
Thanks to, "It was the Elf", a few of my girls have now decided that elfs make their rooms a mess! LOL!

"I'm a Rock Star"  is available for sale at City Kids Music, Amazon, CD Baby, and select toy and book stores nation wide for around $15.

Princess Katie & Racer Steve - Tiny Cool is such an active and fun CD! The music ranges from a fun Latin feel to a cool surfer feel. With everything else mixed into it! I love this CD! My kids enjoyed it as well. It had a radio feel. Skits are tossed into the mix breaking up the music for an almost commentary type feel. A lot of fun! My kiddos were having fun trying to imagine where different songs were taking place and pretending that they were there.
Talking animals trying to sing scales. A lizard who can not speak English who is confused because in Mexico, lizards don't sing. A frog who used to think it was a komodo dragon! "The Unenchanted Forrest" had  my kiddos busting up! I must admit, I was laughing as well! This CD is truly a treat!

"Tiny Cool" will be available May 14th for sale at PrincessRacer.comCD Baby, and select toy and book stores across the nation for around $15.

If anyone could get my kids dancing around like ballerinas, it's Flute Sweet & Tickletoon in Green Golly & Her Golden Flute! What a treat to find the story of Rapunzel intertwined with classical music that made my girls say, "I know that one"! They would shout out the movies and musicals they associated each song with.
From Rimsky-Korsakav's "Flight of the Bumble Bee" to "Habenera" from the opera Carmen, and many, many more gorgeous classical compositions!  We really have enjoyed this CD. Who would have thought that Rapunzel would have a flute up in that tower or all that amazing sheet music! She certainly did have enough time to master her beautiful talent that is for sure!

"Green Golly & Her Golden Flute will be available May 11th  at Flute Sweet and CD Baby  for around $15.

WIN! One of my amazing followers will win a copy of their own. A copy of which one? Winner's Choice!!!!!  Simply leave me a comment telling me what your favorite classical piece is and your email. That's it!!! But remember....you must follow me to enter!

This give away is open to all US and Canadian residents and will end on Tuesday May 11th. Winner will be posted on Wednesday May 12th!  Good luck!!!!!!

This post was written for Family Review Network as part of a program for Waldmania!, who supplied me with CD's  for my review.