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23 April 2010

Kitchen Remod Update!!!

Remember this???

And how it went to this???

And then to this????

Well, now.....My cabinets have gone to this!!!

I need to stain that bottom section, the kick guard or what ever you call it. And a couple more spots. And then I will move on to the walls. See??

LOL! I did the doors! And stuck them back up last night. Why?? So that the kids couldn't get muck all over them. That, and I didn't want them finding things like, left over Cadbury Eggs, the fruit snack (because those would be gone!), and a few other things!! I do need to do all of the cabinets under the bar, but that's not a biggie!!


Niki said...

Looking great chica!!! Keep it up!

Heidi Maxwell said...

Looking good!