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09 April 2010

To Do lists!

Things that I have done in the last week

Installed a new dining room light fixture.
Mowed the front lawn.
Completely cleaned and rearranged the living room.
Went to 3 doctors appointments. One for my self, the other 2 well baby/child involving shots.
Finished painting 1 of 2 sets of shutters for the front of the house.And hung finished set!
Painted the front door.
Started hanging sheet rock in the kitchen!
Bought special, cover anything and everything paint for the kids rooms upstairs.
Bought a cargo trailer.

Things to do
Make salsa....must be today. No if ands or buts about it!
Hang second set of shutters.
More sheet rock in the kitchen.
Scrape kitchen ceiling and patch and mud seams that were not done before.
Start paining kitchen.
Mow back yard.
Spray weed killer.
Lay grass seed.
Finish getting bathroom floor out!


Cathi said...

All in one day?!?

Summers Family said...

WOW!!! No wonder you ditched out on craft group... you should have brought Emma over though! BTW... are you doing card swap this month?