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10 April 2010

Love is in the air!

There is nothing I love more to eat than fresh, homemade salsa!!!  Thought it is a pain cutting all the tomatoes up (about 17 pounds of beautiful Roma's today), onions and peppers, it's all wort it in the end!

Sorry, bad picture! Hubby's camera. I also have 1 jar in the fridge, so that I may enjoy it now!!!

Did you know that salsa is low in cholesterol, fat, and calories? If you were to do the point system from Weight Watchers, salsa has no points, it's a free food on the system!!! Which means what???? You can eat all you want!! Hows that?!


Anonymous said...

I love canning! I canned a bunch of tomatoes and salsa late summer. My tomatoes are all gone, but we're still working on the salsa. I don't mind cutting the tomatoes, but it seems like I used gloves b/c acidity hurt my hands.

Cathi said...

Oh Amber! It looks so yummy!!