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11 February 2010

Funny things they say!

I realized I need to catch this section up!!  These are things that I have noted on a mommy board that have happened in the last 7 months!

"#4 informed me that she is catching a cold and then proceeded to try to catch thin air! Lol!"

#4: "Mom, I want my hair cut."
Me: "Why"
#4: "I want it short like #1, #2 (and a couple of our friends) so then I can be older"

While Hubby is at work and the 3 older girls are at school:

#4: "Somebody needs to come and wipe me!"

I go in and ask, "What? Do you want #5 to come in and wipe you?"

#4: "Only when he can stand up!"

Just after catching her first fish today, #4 comments, 
"look!!! there's a hot dog coming out the fishy's butt!"

#1: "You know how #3 has stinky farts?"
Me: "Yes"
#1: "Well, sometimes it smells like a dead squirrel climbed up her butt and died again!"

#4 had major static issues going on. Her hair was standing up all over the place. I asked her what was up with that, she runs, looks in the mirror, and comes out busting up! She said, "my hair is dancing to the music in my head"! 

#2 (9) the other night was rough housing with #3 (6). #3 kicked #2 on accident and #2 falls on the floor and starts yelling and crying, "She kicked me in the nuts.....owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww"!
Hubby hears this from the other room and starts busting up and yells out, "You don't have nuts. Only boys have nuts!" to which #2 exclaims, "Oh" and then promptly stands up and continues rough housing as if nothing happened!


Anonymous said...

Really cute.
I especially liked the last one.


Niki said...

Thats my girls!!! LOL I can totally see them saying all that too! I miss you guys!

Corrie Howe said...

My daughter always called for Daddy to wipe. I don't know why, but I wasn't going to fight it.

Love the hair dancing to the music in my head!

April Miner said...

ha! Your kids are cute! I love the things kids say...