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11 February 2010

Calling all Cloth Diapering Moms, and Companies!!!

I would love to add a post to add to my Cloth Diapering series.  I'm looking for pictures of your little ones in their finest fluffy bums! Videos even! The Ellen Show will be doing  a show devoted to Cloth Diapering, and I hope to also add that to this photo video section.

Mom's want to write about your cloth diapering experience? How about dad's??   Let me know! I am devoting every Monday post between now and the end of March to cloth diapering! 

Diapering Companies, WAHM's who make diapers, would you be willing to give away any of your diapers and or accessories? I would LOVE to host a giveaway for you!!!  Get your company out there!!! I'll even add a button to my side ---------->  for the month of march! They will be directed directly to your site upon clicking!

1 comment:

Frugal Vicki said...

HA! You are a brave lady. I don't even like the dirty big boy underwear. No cloth for me!