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28 January 2010

Things overheard in a doctors office

Marine #1 - "Dude! I still have your book. My wife is reading it, but she's almost done".
Marine #2 - "Dude! It's good huh! Wait...which book is it".
~I couldn't help but laugh!

Child - "Is this where all the doctors are"?
Mom - "No, this is the doctors office, now go sit down".

Marine #3 - "Ah man, it's raining".
Marine #2 - "Uhhhh, yeah, it's been raining since before I got on base, and that was at 3 this morning".
Marine #3 - "Wait, where did you sleep last night? You were in here all night"?
Marine #2 - "No you idiot! I had PT at 3:15. I then when home and changed, and came to sick call".
Marine #3 - "Oh, I guess I shouldn't have rode my bike to work then huh"?!
~Derrrrrrrrrrrrr! Seriously?! It's been raining pretty hard since about 8 last night! How on earth did he miss that?!

Nurse tech - "Ma'am, I need to take your blood pressure"
Me - "Ok".
Nurse tech then proceeds to walk over to the scale and turns it on.
Me - "I thought you were taking my blood pressure"?
Nurse Tech - "Oh yeah"!

Air Force big wig - "Your promotion status should be posted soon"
Air Force little wig - "Yeah, they said before February".
Air Force big wig - "No, they said the end of January"!
Air Force little wig - "I'm just saying. I heard before February".
~Isn't that the same thing???? It took all my will not to pipe in! IDIOTS!


Meeko Fabulous said...

These are all probably the same people that constantly have to remind themselves . . . "breathe in . . . breathe out . . . breathe in . . . breathe out . . ." :)

Corrie Howe said...

Listening in on other conversations is always entertaining. I have to bit my lip sometimes and remember I'm not part of the conversation.

Summers Family said...

You CRACK me up! And to think... these are the people who claim to be protecting our country! I am impressed that you didn't say anything... I WOULD HAVE!!! LOL!!!

Jacob said...

that is pretty funny! I liked the first one the best. :)

April Miner said...

I think I just left a comment under jakes name... oops!

Amy said...

Did you sit and write this stuff down as you were waiting? lol you must have been bored :)

Our House said...

Hahaha, I love that this was all in one visit:)

Anonymous said...

The Marine comments were right on, I hear that here at Lackland a lot and they always make me want to go slap their foreheads. The Air Force, well that's how it works, the big wig is always right and will make something seem entirely different when it's the same thing.