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04 January 2010

Check this out!!!

I'm not huge on blogging for a giveaway. In fact, I'm not blogging for the giveaway at all! But you have go to come check Meeko out! His blog, "The Ramblings of a Disgruntled Secretary" is sure to be on the top of your favorites list in no time! I can guarantee 9 times out of 10, he will have you rolling on the floor!!! Meeko reminds me a lot of my brother Jonathan. Not sure exactly why, but he does. Maybe it's the humor that just leaks out of them without even trying, who knows!  Meeko, you don't happen to be one of the youngest in your family do you?

Anyways, come check him out. Follow him. You'll love him!

Alright, just so you don't think I'm just doing this for his little give away that he is doing. Come check out some of my favorites of his blog (yeah, I know there are a lot!):

And remember to stay tuned for his "Faceless Friday" Posts! Those are very tantalizing, sometimes erotic, and always very funny! One of my favorites:


Corrie Howe said...

I've seen Meeko around. I guess I should check him out. Good luck on the give away.

Meeko Fabulous said...

Hello! We can be related. You can adopt me if you like! But I'm warning you . . . I'm expensive . . . LoL! j/k :)