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16 December 2009

Where in the World Wednesday

See last weeks here.

Might be London, might be France, Maybe they wear fancy pants! Where is this?     MOROCCO!



Corrie Howe said...

Not going to bother guessing. But it looks beautiful. Love the architecture.

Niki said...

the top picture didnt load for me... but here is my guess

Mom's Place said...

Well darn! I'll have to stick another picture in that one's place!

Niki, Not Turkey!

Niki said...

Wow talk about challanging my geography skills...Wow.. I am going to just have to guess with this one. Saudi?? Middle East? Egypt? How many guesses do I get? LOL

Mom's Place said...

LOL! Nope, nope, and nope!

Sharon said...

No idea, but its incredible!!!