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18 December 2009

Thank Heavens It's Friday

I need a lazy day! Today will not be one. So lets pretend!!!

I really need to be doing this today

The one I ordered came in last night...broken, dented and scuffed :( I don't have time to leave it to the company to pick up, get it back to the warehouse, and then re ship. Mine arrived 1 month, to the date, of ordering it! I need something to cook on/in, NOW!

Instead, I get to do is:

One Three of the kids,  have Class Christmas parties today.
One of those classes, not a single other mom said they could help!
So yup, I get to be in a room full of 3rd graders, helping them do crafts, a stocking exchange, and 1 million other things...including, but not limited to, chasing my youngest daughter around AND trying to keep the baby happy!


Michelle said...

WHEW...I'm tired already...there are advantages to homeschooling...we are taking december off. LOL.

Sorry about your stove..LAME. Tell them to send a new fridge for all the trouble.

Cloudkicker said...

Oh no!!! That's horrible! Good luck getting it replaced quickly and have fun with the parties. :)

Corrie Howe said...

Because of the blizzard, Winter Break suddenly started today at 11:30 a.m....three days too early.