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23 November 2009

Kitchen Woes!

The sink arrived Friday! I was so excited. So glad that I opened it up to drool over it because, *ack* it was the correct sink, only in 5" depth instead of  9" depth. Such a let down! My current sink is 7" deep and there is no way that I want to go shallower than that. So, we got things worked out, sending it back, and getting a refund. I did some more research and found the sink I really love for about $50 more than what I spent on the original new sink.

So this is the one that will be coming (at least it better be the right one sent!):


Nominal Dimensions:
33" x 22" x 9-1/2"

Right Bowl Sizes:
- 7-1/2" wide
- 16-1/4" front to back;
- 7" deep

Left Bowl Sizes:
- 20-3/4" wide
- 18-3/4" front to back
- 9" deep

This is the faucet that I am going with! Yes, another change! I went in to pick up the other one and they were completely out of stock of the finish that I wanted. Apparently, brushed nickle is a popular finish! No one knew how long it was going to take to get more into stock locally, BUT, I could drive over an hour North to see if they have one in stock up there. Not THAT in love with it!


 Isn't it pretty?!?! I can use the plate if I want, and if I decide that I want to under mount (because it has both options) my sink...I can install without the plate!

When I picked up the faucet, I also picked up the new garbage disposer. No clue how old the current one is, and I would like to not guess if it is going to fit the new sink or not! Anyways, the GD is going to be attached to the shallow bowl!!!


Our cabinetry is in the process of being made :) so I need to get on the ball and pick a stain out that I love! I get to stain on my own! I love that I get to put my work into the kitchen too!


Amy said...

Cant wait to see pictures!!!

Andrea said...

Ooh! Very nice! I look forward to seeing what it looks like installed in your house! :)