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24 November 2009

Impromptu Kindergarten Program and Videos for Grandma's!

WooHoo!!! A two-fer post!!!!

Our school has an awesome music and Phys Ed. program. Kids in grades 1-5 go to each, 2 times a week. Kindergartners are luck enough to go every day! After seeing how good they were doing, and how cute they were, both teachers decided, last week, to hold a program!

Look at all these cute Kinders!!! My kinder's 2 best friends and a friend from church all go to our school! I marked them! You may have to click the picture to see it well.

My own Kinder:


Pay no attention to the background. *Muffin tops must always be contained!* Every picture I took of Trice, there was some sort of muffin top that slipped in. Heavens sakes! Maybe I should try to see if I can make it look like her shirt is longer.

Some WAY cute songs that they did! The first one especially, I love!

Tony Chestnut :

 Spin! (LOL - you would think that Trice was on a sit 'n spin with the speed she gets going with!) :


Amy said...

LOL, muffin tops! I had never heard that before and it took me a while to understand what you were talking about. Had a hard time opening videos. Cute blog :)

Corrie Howe said...

You can't get into my blog today...if you can, I'm jealous because I can't get into my blog. But you should look for my post on VIP Day, you'll see the something that looks very similar.