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26 October 2009

Squash Woes

I have a couple fussy eaters in my family. Who doesn't! But who's fussiest eater is their hubby???? Seriously, he is SO picky when it comes to fruits and veggies. Mostly anything that had a green tint and squash. In over 11 years of marriage, I have had to become very, Very sneaky!!

We currently have yellow crook neck squash coming out our ears! He hates it. He smells it, and gags! He has this reaction with most veggies! Last night, I made meat loaf. My family LOVES meatloaf! I have to make double what I normally would, and still won't have left overs!  As I'm standing at the counter, grating onions, I get this FAB idea!! Grated crook neck in the meatloaf, will probably go unnoticed!

Guess what???  It did!!!!!  I find it pretty funny too! 

How do you hide veggies from your picky eaters?


Kelli @ writing the waves said...

My hubby is the same way. He is worse than the kids sometimes. haha! I actually bought that cookbook "Deceptively Delicious" but I have only tried one recipe so far. There is a lot of pureeing involved and I just don't think that far ahead.

Thanks for stopping by my blog & becoming a "follower". I've just added you too!

Our House said...

Pure genius! I am totally going to have to try this. My hubby is a picky eater too, no mayo, eggs, peas, cabbage, and other stuff - all things that I love, and that are hard to "hide".

The Mother Huddle said...

Love this idea! My hubbs will eat just about anything, it's my 2 year old who is sitting right next to me refusing to eat his oatmeal as we speak I would use this tactic on!

Mom's Place said...

Ruth, cabbage is the one I'm having problems trying to hide! But you can put finely scrambled eggs into just about anything! You can even add it to ground beef! LOL! Zada eats them that way!

Michelle said...


My husband will eat ANYTHING!

In fact, in Singapore he ate octopus. BLECK.