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24 October 2009

Kids and Cell Phones

I seriously can not believe how many young kids I see with cell phones these days. I used to be against it. Our thinking was, when the girls are 14, maybe we would allow them to have one. But I was better with when they start driving, even better, when they get married (which they won't be allowed to do -HA)!

Have you payed attention while out and about.....Payphones. Where are they? It's so hard to find one these days! So remembering to make sure you have a spare quarter is worthless.

My oldest is now 10, and able to be at home for shorter periods of time by herself. She has some leeway with playing out with her friends that her sisters simply do not have. I'm not going to be our ward Activity Day Leader forever, and I know there is a strong possibility that I won't be in YW with them, even though I really wish I could!

So with activities, friends, life in general, Rich and I are starting to think that maybe having a phone for them isn't such a bad idea. I mean, Katie has been allowed to take the Hunter's Safety Class, and is getting ready for her first season. If she is mature enough to handle that, why wouldn't she be mature enough to have a cell phone...with parental controls????

Cathi, over at Simply Cathi blogged about the Kajeet earlier this week. Their phones that they have are pretty cool! All plans are pay as you go and start at $4.99 a month!!!  They have MAJOR parental control options, where you can allow certain numbers in and out, and block all others! For a kid's first phone, this is a great option!!! Right now, Cathi has a give away going on. You really should go check it out! You can get beaucoup entries!!!! Come check her out here!


Frugal Vicki said...

A QUARTER? Girl when was the last time you used a cell phone?

Meeko Fabulous said...

I got my sister a cell phone when she started high school. Pay phones are going extinct. I remember calling home collect and when the operator said, "Please say your name", I would say, "Mom, it's me come get me!" and then we would hang up. That was my 'cell' phone back in the day! LOL :)

AFLescarb said...

we got our kids ours when then went into junior high. It helps with their activities and when they are running late.