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25 September 2009

The New Kid on the Block

Alright, so this isn't about a kid at all. And it certainly isn't new! From kids, to adults, to dogs, to the little lizards, we have a lot of entertainment here around our home. Our newest form of entertainment started as, "Oh my goodness, would you look how big that one is"! Ok, that just doesn't sound right! LOL!

Our neighborhood is full of huge trees. Mesquite, live oak, and Bur Oak. There are actually many other types of oak that grow here, but those just happen to be the two most common. The live oak's acorns are little. Only about 1/2" at the biggest. The Bur oak on the other had has Massive acorns!

We took this picture of the first one that we found, only to find more later that were over double this size!

Alright, so now you have seen the size of the acorns! Now to get back to my post! No, the acorns aren't the "new kid on the block", you needed to see that to understand my size comment! The new kid on the block is a cute fuzzy squirrel! We used to have a really fat one! He was HUGE! We are talking the size of a small cat!

*"Ahhhhh! that's the reasoning behind the whole acorn bit". That's what you are thinking right about now, isn't it?!*

Well our HUGE squirrel had a run in with either a large cat (which many roam around here and drive me batty) or with a dog. We found him in our front yard smelling up the place one day.

*Ewwwww, puke, vomit!*

We have a few other squirrels around here that have taking a liking to where the late "Big 'um" used to run. One in particular really likes our front yard. Or rather the neighbors trees that hang in out front yard!

The kinds from the neighborhood (mine included) really like these trees as well! They have gotten permission to hang a rope up on one, and they climb them frequently!
The other day, we noticed the rope was not hanging downward, but was in fact up in the tree with a squirrel doing what appeared to be, eating said rope!

We were wrong! Very wrong!!! Yesterday, I caught him playing with the rope! Seriously! He runs, with the rope in his mouth, from limb to limb, and jumping back and forth between 2 trees! It's quite entertaining!!!

Here are a few pictures I caught yesterday before the girls started laughing hysterically and he retreated to his hiding place!

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Our House said...

These pictures are AWESOME! We miss watching the squirrels in our back yard. I never was able to get a picture of them, so Im jealous you got these.