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04 May 2009

Little Olympic Pictures

The stadium across from us. There is a ramp (no stairs) on that side. The older two girls and I climbed it....I am still hurting 3 days later!

Our School's Participants (can you find Katie). GO BEARS!!!!

Here she is! Ignoring mom!!!!

The JROTC led the parade of schools!

All the Participating schools!

The last picture I got. Katie was running off to her first event, the bended arm hang. After this picture, there were so many people down on the field that I couldn't take any more with out it looking like mass confusion! Parents, unfortunately, were only allowed in the bleachers.

1 comment:

Letti said...

That is so cool that your school does this. It must be a Texas thing because I have never heard of anything like that around here.