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21 May 2008

Home from the Hospital

Emma had her eustation tubes replaced today. One was all the way out and the other looked as if it might have been working it's way out, when we went back into ENT last Monday. Turns out that one tube is still in alright. So they replaced only the one tube. I took some pics with my phone, so bad quality. The thread can be moved if needed.We arrived 10 to 9 this morning. We were taken back to the room that we were assigned and given a gown to put on her. She HATED it! She kept screaming, "I hate this dress"!

Then she saw the TV. So we turned it on. Thank heavens for Backyardigans! It took her mind off of hating the gown!

Then another nurse came in, went over paperwork, and put the medical band on her ankle.

She kept rubbing her leg saying "pretty".

From there on she was pretty happy.

Happy, that is until previous case ran late...over an hour late! So we made do with what we could find in the room to play with. Gloves! You would never believe how much fun they can be!!!

It soon became a game to hide the balloons and have me find them! Then someone came to the door. Quick!!! Hide on the bed!!!

After surgery and recovery, waiting to get the final word on when we could start getting ready to go home:

Everything went very well. She is very much herself right now!

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