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15 May 2008

36 Days and counting!

It's finally happened! I have reached a size that I am happy with. Now to just tone everything back up to where it was before Emma came along! If I can do that, and I know I can, I will be able to fit back into my size 6 clothing once again! Maintaining it is not a problem, as I have been in my size 8's for some time now.

With the end of spring around the corner, a trip which involves pools and the beach, it's time to get serious! I am hoping that since I have written this down, that it will help motivate me.

I bought myself 2 pairs of shorts, so that when I am outside I will be working on my tan as well. The pool opens a week from tomorrow, and we will be there daily. School lets out 2 weeks from tomorrow, giving me all day to play outside with the girls, jumping on the trampoline, swimming, and just having fun. Nap time for the girls will be my toning time.

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