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13 May 2008

Emma's 2 year stats!

She went in today for her 2 year appointment. She is 35" tall and weighs 25.5 pounds. Overall height and weight puts her in the 50th percentile. Dropping from 75% at her 1 year. My girls always do that though. They sit at the same weight and height until they are about 3 and then they get a MAJOR growth spurt.

She had to have only 1 shot. Hep-A. I was going to hold off until after her surgery but the doc said he would feel better knowing she has had it before going under.

I made them change her allergy meds without going to steroids. I swear, this clinic thinks that if an over the counter med doesn't work you have to go straight to steroids. I demanded that we give Singulair a try.

I also had Trice with me. I knew she was due for her school shots, so she had 4 of them. She goes back in 4 weeks for her last Hap-A. KateLynn and Zada have to have their last ones also. School will be out then, so all 3 of them will be going in together!!

Emma, when she got her shot, didn't cry or even whimper. She did nothing but smiled, and then started laughing! Crazy girl!!!
Trice was fine until they did her DTP or MMR. She didn't tell me which ones she was doing where.

LOL - it was funny because soon as she realized she had Strawberry Shortcake bandaids on, she was fine! She did milk it when we went down the steps to get to the van!

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